Ever-Flow¨ White Lightning¨ Mechano-Static¨ Lifetime MERV 8 Air Filter

  • $ 73.95

The new Lightning¨ lifetime air filter from Ever-Flow¨ features proprietary Mechano-Static¨ technology, which combines the improved initial filtering efficiency of electrostatic air filters with the extended performance and dust holding of non-electrostatic (mechanical) air filters. ÊThis revolutionary filter is constructed using a total of 5 filtration layers, which combine to maximize overall filtering efficiency while minimizing resistance to airflow. ÊThe gasketed perimeter edge guarantees a proper seal to eliminate air bypass.
Furthermore, every Lightning¨ lifetime air filter is treated with Micro-Shield BioStatic Surface Protectant, a patented micro-biostatic coating that kills microbes and bacteria on contact by physically penetrating their cell membranes with "Nano-Spikes". ÊThe coating is completely invisible, completely safe to humans and pets (EPA and FDA certified), and is renewed every time the filter is washed.
Every Lightning¨ air filter includes a complimentary bottle of Ever-Flow‰ã¢ Filter-Boost non-toxic water-soluble spray-onÊfilter efficiency booster, as well as a bottle of Ever-Flow¨ Enviro-Friendly Filter Cleaner.
Ever-Flow¨ Lightning¨ filters are protected by a Lifetime Warranty and are 100% Made in the USA
  • Proprietary Mechano-Static¨ Technology
  • MERV 8 Efficiency Rating
  • Micro-Shield Biostatic Surface Protected
  • Low Resistance to Air Flow
  • Gasket Edge Eliminates Air Bypass
  • Includes Ever-Flow¨ Filter Boost Spray andÊEnviro-Friendly Filter Cleaner
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Made in the USA

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