AERCOLOGY 1B 6003-03 Aluminum Mesh Pre-Filter Replacement

AERCOLOGY 1B6003-12 Aluminum Mesh Pre-Filter 6-Pack of 1B6003-11

  • $ 245.00

  • Pack of 6 (1B6003-11) Filters
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum mesh with Expanded Metal Support
  • Higher Strength Frame for Pressure Washing
  • 24 x 24 x 2 Nominal Size
  • Replaces Aercology 1B6003-12 (1B600312)
  • For Individual pricing see 1B6003-11
  • Used in FD-2000, FD-3000, FD-6000, FD-9000, FDV-2000, FDV-3000, FDV-6000, FDV-9000, MDV-3000, MDV-6000, MDV-9000, PDV-20, PDV-30,
  • Made in the USA

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