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We asked and you answered. 

We asked you what temperature you keep your house at in the winter, and the answer could not be more clear as almost half of you keep your house under 70 degrees. A stat I will show my wife, but a battle I know I will lose.

We're glad most of you keep your thermostat in the eco range! I don't need to tell you that you are getting the most out of your furnace and your bill. For the 5% of you that picked 78 degrees, we hope that you were either kidding or maybe you've got money to burn. We're not proud of that pun. (Okay, we're a little proud of it.)

Results for the Winter
Winter Temperatures

For the summer it was a little different. It's a little over the map, which makes sense. Personally, I fall in line with about 12% of you at 70 degrees, but I know I am economically wrong. Experts agree with the 15% of you with 78 degrees being the most economical setting for the summer. I wonder if there is overlap with the same people that picked 78 degrees for the Winter. 

Results for the Summer
Summer Temperatures

My thermostat stays here mostly all year 'round. If it changes, I have an app, so I can sneakily change it back. 

My temp

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