The Heat is on!

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Outside that is. Most of America is having a very warm summer and you don't want to be caught with your AC down!

Outside AC Unit

Good space around the unit here, but it needs hosed down!

Luckily there are a lot of things you can do before having to make a costly service call. Make sure you turn off the power, then check your outside unit for debris. (You'll want to remove any you find.) and spray the inside with a garden hose to any dirt in the fins out. Now, don't get over-anxious and make it an excuse to bust out that power washer from Christmas. Save that for your siding! Check if any fins are bent and straighten them.

A common garden hose. All the power you really need.

If you've done maintenance before and feel comfortable with it, you can clean the evaporator coil and the drain, but if not, you can skip to our favorite part, replacing the filter.

Replace the filter, at least every six months like we know you've been doing. ;)

MERV 8 Filter
Now, go turn your power back on. You DID turn it off before you started, right?

Have a lemonade and watch a baseball game. They seem hot out there. Suckers. 

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