No One Likes Pond Scum

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Empty Pond Header
It's one of life's few absolutes along with death, taxes, and a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie eventually coming out.

Proper pond maintenance is important and keeping that water moving is a big part of that. Before we talk about filters (because let's be honest, you know we're going to get there) there are a lot of things that can help your pond. We recently had a friend discover a leak in his new pond and had to remove his liner to drain it. Under his liner, the previous owner had a carpet underlayment that had rotted through and was soaked. So, just as a general tip, keep an eye on that water level!

Pond tarps and carpet

Now, let's get to that filter. When you look for filter media you want to make sure that your media contains no chemicals or adhesives harmful to aquatic life. Luckily, you're here and we have three of them.

Puro Kleen Aquatic Media Filter

Let us help you make your backyard pond a place where people want to hang out, not one where they want to pinch their nose.

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