New Year, New You.

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Welcome to a new year. We gave you a month to get all the silly resolutions out of the way. And if you're like us your treadmill is now covered in air filters. Well, maybe not air filters, that's probably just us. You're more likely to have sweaters on it, I guess.

Treadmill as a clothes rack.

But, this WOULD be a good time to check your air filter. How often should you check your filter? Well, that depends. We recommend once a month, especially if you have allergies or pets. Or if anyone in your household smokes.

Allergens, Dander and Smoke
None of those apply? You'll probably be fine every other month. Can you go three months? I mean, sure. I guess. But, I wouldn't go that much further, it's pretty easy to forget. Trust me. My change oil light just turned on in my car yesterday.

Check Engine Light

If you have a vacation home, or you live alone, you can go longer without changing your filter, but it never hurts to check it every three months or so, anyway.

Clean Filter

How do you know if your filter needs to be changed? Well, it looks dirty. Remember when your filter was new and white? If you can't, then that's probably also a good sign that it's time to change your filter. Luckily, we can help you with that at and

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  • I’ve learned alot from your site. My HVAC guy from recommended your site. Great info!

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