It's getting hot in here!

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If you're like most of the United States, you're in the middle of a heat wave right now. If you believe in Murphy's Law, this means your air conditioning is just about to go out.

AC Unit

Your AC is working hard right now, but one of the main reasons it goes out is because of something you forgot to do months ago. (Yes, we are talking about changing your filter, I mean, we ARE  But, that's not all.

Do you have ceiling fans? They don't just look cool but can help keep you cool. Okay, we apologize for that, but make sure your fan is going in the proper direction. (You changed it to keep your head down in Winter, right?) Make sure it is in the "forward" position, or if it's too high up and you don't want to grab a ladder, make sure it's moving counter-clockwise.

Ceiling Fan

Here's a less obvious one, make sure your AC Unit is in the shade. Keeping your AC Unit itself cold can increase its efficiency as well. But, don't overdo it! A shaded AC Unit is good; one clogged up with branches is not!

Other heat sources could be adding up in your house as well. Closing your blinds and making sure your light bulbs are CFL or LED can cool down central areas as well. 

Cooking breakfast on the grill.

I know this all sounds like a lot of responsibility, but don't worry we saved the fun one for last. Grilling outside can keep all that oven or stovetop heat out of your kitchen. What better excuse is there to toss your dinner on an open flame and enjoy the slightly cooler evening. We'll leave it up to you if you want to use Charcoal, Propane or a Smoker. We're not the Grill-Guru.

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