In the Vortex

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If you're in most of America, you have had a very cold week (and apparently even alligators aren't immune to it). 

cold weather

If you're lucky to be in one of the areas that aren't coated in ice, well...we're jealous. Cold weather can lead to a lot of problems, and while you should always disconnect outside hoses and other tips like that, we'll leave that to others. We're going to talk about...filters.

Front Door

My neighborhood has a message board that was full of people noticing something with their thermostat that they found odd. Several people were posting that they had set their thermostats at a higher number than they could reach. Some were pushing their thermostats all the way to 80 and only seeing temps of 60.

Several of them mentioned making calls to schedule appointments for repairs for their furnaces. The next day every single one of them stated that the problem was fixed by simply changing their filter.

So, if you are having a similar issue with your thermostat, remember to check your filter first. It could save you a few hundred dollars!

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