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We've talked about how often you need to change your filter, but what if you could just wash your filter? Yeah, I said, "wash it".

Now, before you go take a power-washer to your ez-pleat or HoneyBear filter, please read on.

The Ever-Flow® Lightning® Mechano-Static® Lifetime MERV 8 Air Filter is a lifetime filter that replaces the need to change out your filters saving you money in the long run, and a whole bunch of filters or several trips to the store (or the internet. *cough* *cough*).

All sides of the Lightning

All you have to do is take it out in the yard—or if like most of us, you had a way too long winter—take it in the shower*, and wash out both sides.

Garden Hose

Plus, every filter includes a complimentary bottle of (EPA and FDA certified) Ever-Flow™ Filter-Boost to supercharge your filter and boost the filter's efficiency. In order to help with washing the filter, we also have an Ever-Flow soap mixture to help you clean out your filter. Now, you don't need to use these products, but we recommend using some form of environmentally friendly cleaner even if it's not ours.

Lightning Gasket

 *We don't recommend that you shower with your filter, but hey, you do you, we won't judge.

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