Some Things Change. This Doesn't.

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If there is one question we get all the time, it's "when should I change my filter". And the answer we give is "roughly every 1-3 months". Why roughly? Because no filter, no home, and no situation are the same.

dirty filter

If you're checking your filter you're doing it right. Your filter could be fine after three months, or it could be bad after one month depending on your situation. The only way to know for sure it to check it every month.

 Change Your Filter

Your filter length depends on if you have your windows open, wearing your shoes inside, having pets, the age of your furnace, or if there is construction going on near you. So, there sadly isn't a perfect equation to determine if you need to change your filter.


Luckily there is a perfect solution to where to get your new filter from.

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