Filters are everywhere.

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I change my filter regularly. Not a brag or a "flex", but it's something I think about every day because we're the Filter-Guru. But, there are some items that have filters for which we don't make filters. And, I sometimes forget that they have filters that need also cleaned or replaced.

16 x 25 x 5.25 FilterA filter you CAN buy from us.

Now, there are two obvious ones that I never forget my car and my coffee maker.

But, don't forget your water filters! Depending on what type of system you have, you might have an indicator light. If not check out the manufacturer. Some require every two months, others can go longer.

Water Filter
One you might forget, and I am sadly about to prove that I did, is my bedroom fan. The thing I have on my side of the bed because the room is always too hot while my wife has three blankets and two dogs because it is always too cold.

Fan filter
And finally your email. (Funny funny, I know.) But, a little thing I do is that every Wednesday after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday I filter out all the email lists that my contact info was sold to each year as they all seem to have a reason to contact me during that time. Just make sure you don't unsubscribe from our email list. We have coupons!

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