A Fine Dusting of Pollen

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The weather has been so nice lately—now that it has finally stopped raining—so I wanted to eat dinner outside last night, but our entire metal patio table was coated in yellow dust. At first, I was afraid that the winter cover had leaked and it had rusted until I realized that it was pollen.

Metal tableImagine this COVERED in pollen.

But, apparently not before I had touched my eye, which became a race against time to get my contact out before my eye was swollen shut.

Don't Worry

Luckily for me, I had recently changed our home's filter with a nice MERV 11, so I was able to sit inside, put something cold on my eye (I chose a nice aluminum can) and eat dinner in comfort. It also gained me some sympathy and I was able to watch hockey playoffs all night.

Don't let pollen take you out of the game. Remember to change your filters, brush any outdoor pets you have and take your shoes off so no one is bringing pollen in your house, and if you want to take advantage of the nice late spring breezes, make sure you wash your window screens.

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