Back to School

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While your aquarium or pond might not have a large school of fish, it's a good reminder to think about them as we're hit with all the back to school advertisements.

Fish in a Pond

An easy way to do that is by changing out your filter media. Your filter does a lot of work to make your water breathable for your fish and to allow you to actually see them. Having to put your nose up against the tank is no fun, and no fun for the fish to be that close to our faces, either, I'd imagine!

Fish in an Aquarium
Your filter media works hard to remove particulates and keep your water clean. Finding a balance between mechanical, chemical and biological (usually achieved by adding plants to your tank or pond) will guarantee as long of a life for your fish as possible.

Puro-Kleen Pond Media in the 80s
We've got three levels of filter media at filter-guru depending on how much you need, or stack them and filter out as many particulates as possible! Kleen-Guard at 1.75" thick, Ultra-Guard at 1" thick and Perma-Guard at 0.75" thick.

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