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Okay, maybe that title is a little fancy—or maybe Tolkein sounding—but 'tis the season for gift returns. Now, when it comes to gift returns, most of us are returning terrible sweaters or the combination mango/avocado slicer we didn't ask for, it got us thinking of filters. (We ARE the filter-guru after all.)

While we strive for 100% accuracy sometimes things happen. A wrong size is ordered, a package doesn't arrive or is damaged, or for some reason, the wrong product was delivered. We handle our own returns at Filter-Guru and we try to do it as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but there are ways you can ensure the process goes smoothly as well. Here are some tips for returning a package to us, or anyone else!

Damaged Filter

1) Did something go wrong with what was inside your package? Give your order number. Make sure you are giving us the order number from us (or from wherever you ordered from) and not your internal ordering number. 

2) Explain why it is being returned, or need a replacement being sent. Was it damaged? Was the wrong item inside? Did you order the wrong size, or accidentally order the item twice? (I've been guilty of that, I mean who needs multiple under the lid toilet lights? But, I digress) Whatever the reason, making sure it's clear will really speed up any process. When doing this, make sure you give the product number from the order so there isn't any confusion as to which item is being returned or was damaged if several items were ordered.

Wrong Filter

3) Send a quick picture. This always helps if there is any kind of issue, especially damage. This way we can speed up a claim with whatever service delivered the package. Just make sure the damage and the product number are clear. There is no need to set up a full-on Glamor Shot Photo.

4) Did you get a notice that says a package was delivered, but it isn't there? Yeah, that seems to be...well "a thing", lately. Especially during the holidays. A lot of carriers are marking items as delivered a day or two early, and it is annoying. We've had to deal with this from the shipping and the receiving side lately. And while my new Mission Impossible: Fallout Blu-ray being a day late is annoying, it's not something that is needed, like a filter. (Although, the movie is really good.)

These processes are great to follow for not only Filter-Guru but for anyone else you buy your other products from. Because we know you only buy your filters from us, right? :)

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