April Showers Bring May Allergies

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Flowering Plants
At least, that's how I feel every spring! If you're like me and you suffer from seasonal allergies, making sure you have a fresh new filter with a high MERV rating is a great way to not scare your loved ones with a sneezing attack from a room away.

But, what about when yoshoes by the dooru go outside and have to come back in? We recommend a doormat, so you track in fewer particles on your shoes and take them off at the door, so if you do track them in, they don't grind into your carpet!

If you have pets, remember that when your furry friends come in from the yard, they will be carrying some of that plant pollen in with them, so you'll want to make sure to brush them before allowing them to spread that to your carpets or furniture. Not that we would ever let our pets up on our beds or anything.

dogs on the bed

Luckily, MERV 8 and MERV 11 filters both work to remove pollen from your home. If you have pet allergies as well, you'll want to go with the MERV 11, which is more effective at filtering those out. Find all the filters you want at

MERV8 and MERV 11 Filters

Hopefully following these steps will leave you with less watery eyes and runny noses this spring! (Although, all those sneezing attacks do make for a good ab workout.)


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