A Living Tree in Your Living Room

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A lot of people put up Christmas Trees around this time of year, and if you are one of the ones that do and you choose a live tree there are some things you'll want to do. Now. Now, I'm not talking about making sure it's got water or that there isn't a squirrel in there. I'm talking about (surprise!) your air.

A lot of tree farms shake their trees before you get them, but even then trees can carry dust and even mold spores on them, which increase as time goes on. So you will want to have an air purifier in the room and (you knew we were going to suggest it) change your air filter just to make sure you're getting the most out of your purifier. 

It never hurts to do a quick spray with the hose, or a vegetable or fruit wash when you get the tree home either, just be sure to do that outside, or in the garage. :) Wiping down the trunk with a water and bleach mix (in a well-ventilated area!) isn't a bad idea, either.

Pine Trees

As far as your ornaments, they can get the mold spores on them as well, so store them in plastic containers, not cardboard, which can increase spore production.

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